2017.1.24: Butch Trucks, R.I.P.

Allman Brothers Bandのドラマー、Butch Trucks が1月24日フロリダで亡くなられました。69歳でした。
アメリカのバンドで一番よく聞いたのはこのバンドのフィルモアのLiveでしたので、本当に何か大きなものを失いつつあるような気がします。甥っ子にDrekとDuane、ギタリストにドラマー、お二人とも有名なバンドで活躍されていますから、むこうへいかれても見守っていらっしゃるでしょう。 偉大なドラマーのご冥福をお祈り致します。 合掌


Allman Bro.のBig House Museumのサイトでも訃報がでています、ご覧下さい。



Hey there sweet family,

With heavy hearts we have some sad news to share.


Butch Trucks, a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band, tragically
died the night of January 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida. His wife, four
children, four grandchildren and all of the Allman Brothers Band, their
families and Road Crew survive Butch. The Trucks and Allman Brothers
Band families request all of Butch’s friends and fans to please respect
our privacy at this time of sadness for our loss. Butch will play on in our
hearts forever.

Donations and remembrances in Butch’s name may be made to The Big
House Museum in Macon, Georgia. http://www.thebighousemuseum.com


Butch loved you, the fans, and was the one who got us started doing Hittin’
The Web with the Allman Brothers Band way back in 1995. To say he will be
missed is a massive understatement. Thanks for all you did, Butch – we love

And to you, the Peach Corps, our extended family for all these years…

Take care and know that you are loved,
Rowland and Lana



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